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Local Government Reorganisation followed the bankruptcy of Northamptonshire County Council and at the Borough the loss of a £10.24m loan to the football club.

Labour campaigned for a unitary Northampton.

What we have is a unitary West Northants.                                            This is Northampton, Daventry and South Northants as one council. To give Northampton a strong voice, we now have a Northampton Town Council. It is a Labour led Town Council. Cllr. Birch is the leader. We look forward to the local election in May 2021 when we hope to further strengthen the town council with more Labour Councillors.

The Northampton Labour Group organises several fun and inclusive events over the year, including a curry club and a walking club.           You can also join us in campaigning so we can lead the fight to reclaim the fantastic reputation that this town deserves.

We need to get rid of Tory incompetence. Please register on line for a postal vote.

Please vote Labour.

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