A New Beginning for Northampton

Updated: May 14

Press Release January 28th 2021

Last night Northampton Town Council met to agree the first ever Town Council budget.

The proposal for the budget came recommended by officers and was unanimously agreed by the cross party executive committee of Labour, Liberal Democrats, Conservative Councillors. It was passed after much debate, available to be seen on YouTube, by a cross party group. The precept has now been set as £48 a year for band D. Only 10% of dwellings are in band D. 90% are in band A-C. Band A households will pay a precept of £32.

The Council Tax reduction scheme seems set to be 20% down from 35%. This will help many vulnerable Northampton households. Leader of the Borough Labour Group, Danielle Stone says, “Labour always fought to have the Council Tax Reduction scheme made as low as possible. It was the Conservative administration who put it up to 35%. It is good to see that even their fellow Conservatives across West Northants have seen the sense in lowering the threshold.”

Leader of the Town Council, Jane Birch says, “It is great we have cross party support for our first Town Council budget. I think the town will benefit from us being able to keep hold of the Guildhall, the Mayoralty and town wide events.

These are difficult times. We are determined to make every penny count and give value for money. Our first task is to consult the community about what they want from us.

We know the West Northants Unitary will be looking to cut non statutory services. We know that many services for children and families have already gone. Sure Start centres, some libraries, early help schemes, some respite schemes, have gone over the last few years. We cannot hope to bring them back into the town. What we can do is look to see what help we can give our voluntary sector and local organisations to help them meet some of the unmet need.

We are determined to make this town the best it can be. With our newly appointed Town Clerk, Marion Goodman, our first step will be a Community Needs analysis and a Community conversation.

We are where we are because of the failures of previous administrations both in the Borough and the County. The people of Northampton did not choose for this to be happening.

However, we will make the most of all the opportunities we have, including bringing in new money for the town.

I am excited to be working with Colleagues on this next stage of development for Northampton.

We will make it a success”.

For further information please contact Cllr. Jane Birch 07710967882

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