Cleaner Communities

Littering has become a huge town wide issue for many years. However, since the first Litter Free Zone came into force in St James people have enjoyed

clean and tidy streets.

Visitors to the area have also commented how much St James has changed.

Even locals and businesses have noticed how clean and tidy the area is. It has been noticed that people are making an effort using the bins in the area.

Whilst waiting for bus it was noticeable people used to drop crisp packets, cigarette and plastic bottles on the footpath. With the new bin installed by the

bus stop on Aberdeen Terrace, people waiting for busses are over joyed when the bin appeared.

We can only campaign and encourage people not to litter. We need to help everyone change their habits and behaviours otherwise we might as

well live in the rubbish tip.

Cllr Rufia Ashraf says

"The Litter Free Zone has made a huge difference in St James. Having clean streets is really important to me. I have worked closely with local stakeholders

and residents to achieve this. It wasn't just an idea, it was an attempt to show everyone St James residents deserved to see clean streets. I will continue to raise

awareness and educate people about littering and the importance of having clean neighbourhoods and why we all need to change our attitude towards litter.

I do call upon the council to extend litter free zone to other areas."

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