Cllr Haque on Shopping safely with Covid 19

“I very much welcome the re-opening of none essential shops. This will kick start the much-needed economic recovery in our town.

It is very important to maintain the 2 meters social distancing as per government guidelines.

I come from a Bangladeshi heritage background. In the recently published Public Health England (PHE) report, it says that my community is twice as likely to die, if they contract Covid19, than white people, while other BAME groups face an increased risk of 15 to 50%. This is really frightening. Locally, my family and my community are doing all we can to minimise the risks and I would like to thank the mosques and the community for all they are doing to educate, protect and support.

According to the recent government reports, it is absolutely paramount that we all adhere to 2 meters social distancing and where it is not possible, to wear a face covering.

When PHE report was published, I was really dismayed to see no concrete recommendations have been made to protect the BAME community.

Given this serious omission, I want to ask NBC and NCC to take a lead and do full risk assessment for the BAME community and BAME staff.

As the shops reopen and people return to the town centre, the safety of customers and working colleagues is paramount. I want to see all the work places supported to put in protective measures and to carry out full risk assessments before opening.”

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