Cllr Haque on the new Planning Bill

Thank you Mr Mayor.

First of all I want to thank the cross party support on this motion, I think it is so important to raise our concerns at their proposal for deregulation of proposed planning legislation.

This change will affect every one of our constituents no matter which wards you represent.

It will change the council’s power to shape our town and commercial areas.

It will change our power to control and shape out of town development.

It will affect the income to councils and the planning department whilst at the same time causing our planning department considerable extra work that will have to be paid for by the people of Northampton.

It is worth noting that even though there is a legal challenge being mounted nationally that parts of this change became effective on September the first and are in operation now!

Our local plan is now going to be of paramount importance as without it we could face development that we do not want or would even consider being passed and unable to be challenged. This new “Plan” certainly favours the developers and takes little heed of local opinion.

As we all know there are number of changes but I want to touch on 3 key changes as follows

Area classifieds as growth will get outline planning permission will be automatically secured

Growth- Suitable for expansion with areas classified for growth getting automatic outline planning permission

Renewal- suitable for some devolvement

Protected - where development is restricted. We may think that we all have green belt land round out towns and villages but the reality is that we don’t. Unless we now protect specific areas of land they will be threatened with potential development. There is no green belt in Northampton!

This bill has gives more power to developer, it is s not only dangerous but will undermine the quality of housing, therefore it absolutely paramount that we write in strongest terms and raise our concerns.

It is in the interest of us all to ensure that responsible growth, development and use of our town continues in the interest of the people of Northampton. This bill does not offer that. I am so pleased to see it get cross party support.

Many thanks Mr Mayor.

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