Cllr Joyce addresses Council on Green energy

Thank you Mr Mayor

I know that we have talked previously in this chamber about wanting Northampton to be at the heart of a green revolution,

This would be an ideal opportunity to show our residents that we are serious about the ‘Climate Change Emergency’

Energy suppliers like ‘Bulb’ use 100 % renewable electricity from sources such as -

Solar power, Wind power and Hydro power

Their Gas is 100% Carbon Neutral

10% is green gas produced from food or Farm waste

And they offset the rest of the gas they supply by supporting carbon reduction projects around the world

This is just one example of a green energy supplier that

We could easily switch to

If we are serious about reducing our Carbon Footprint’

Let’s us lead the way with a big campaign for our residents

By setting up a Green Eco House in the town centre

Where people can see good examples of using ‘Cleaner Energy’ sources

What can and can’t be recycled

Solar Energy use-

Cutting down on plastic waste and its usage

Energy efficient insulation with conduction windows

Maybe even have some ‘Electric Charging Points installed outside of it’ to go that extra mile

I remember visiting with my school the Milton Keynes Homeworld -‘ Houses of the future’ in the early 1980's –These was the original Eco-Houses

Within its first month of opening they were visited by 140,000 people and many more in the following months

This I believe could easily be set up here in Northampton with a 21st century version

Maybe we could even set up a challenge to local or national companies to see who could produce the best energy efficient homes for Northampton!

I want Cities and Towns across the UK to look at a Future Northampton as town who has taken positive steps to use green energy to lower its Carbon Footprint

If I could make one final point-

The lifespan of this council is still a subject for debate

Will it be 18 months or delayed for even another year ?

I understand that we are still using multiple energy suppliers here at NBC, Why has this been allowed to happen and go unchallenged? this concerns me

We need to ensure that the working group seriously consider switching to the green energy sooner rather than later

I hope that my fellow councillors will support this motion tonight which will put down a green marker for the future of our Town

Cllr Paul Joyce 16/9/19

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