Cllr Paul Joyce speech to council

Motion 4 - Full Council Meeting - 22/7/19

It is pleasing to see our group amendments 4 and 5 has strengthened this motion

4:In addition, we call on NBC to campaign to stop cars and buses idling, enforcing this with Fixed penalties under The Road Traffic (Vehicle Emissions)(Fixed Penalty) Regulations 2002

5:We also call on NBC to establish car free zones around schools wherever possible

Car and bus idling is an unfolding disaster which we still don’t know what the full impact will be on family’s health and well-being

The Royal College of Physicians estimated that 40,000 deaths a year are linked to air pollution

Idling engines-pollute and pump

Carbon dioxide

Nitrogen dioxide

And Hydrocarbons into our local environment, as we know these have well documented links to Asthma and other lung and heart conditions

We desperately need ‘Clean Air Zones’ creating within our town sooner rather than later

As a father of three children, I’ve spent many years trying to navigate through traffic outside local schools, establishing car free Zones and encouraging ‘Walk to school days’, would be beneficial for all

Research shows that 23% of all car journeys are two miles or under

Cutting a few journey’s, a week would make a real difference

I would encourage all councillors to support this motion tonight

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