Cllr. Stone and Youth and Student Officer Ciaran Dowling Speak in Support of Refugees

Recently, Northampton County Council announced a proposal to stop supporting ARE (Appeal Rights Exhausted) refugees and asylum seekers when they turned 18. Cllr. Danielle Stone who is the secretary of Northampton Town of Sanctuary, a charity that supports young refugees and asylum seekers locally, spoke against the proposal as did Ciaran Dowling, Northampton North CLP's Youth and Student Officer for the Labour Party and a volunteer at 'Learn 2 Live' Youth group, part of Town of Sanctuary. The video below shows the passionate speeches made by both in support of these young people at Northamptonshire County Council's cabinet meeting on Tuesday 14th May 2019 as well as the comments made by the Conservative's Cllr. Adam Brown which was blasted as "shameful" by Labour's Cllr. Julie Brookfield. The video also shows the Council Leader Matt Golby losing his temper as Cllr. Stone highlighted the hypocrisy of her not being afforded the same right as Cllr. Brown to make a full statement on the issue before he rushed through the vote in what many would perceive as an undemocratic manner.

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