Damning OFSTED report vindicates Labour opposition

Labour Councillors protesting against County Council Cuts

OFSTED report highlights serious issues in Children’ services.

The Labour group at the county council has been highlighting weaknesses in children’s services for years now. Our concerns are now backed by a damning OFSTED inspection report.

Children’s Services in Northamptonshire have been failing for 6 years. This is Tory misrule. An administration who thinks its OK to over pay consultants and interims, and under pay front line staff.

An administration that closed the Youth Service, closed Sure Start Centres, sacked all its middle managers. This is mismanagement on a colossal scale.

It is also an administration driven by the notion of outsourcing its responsibilities, that sends our children out of the county and delivers them into the hands of unregulated services.

Cllr. Danielle Stone (Labour, Abington and Phippsville), says, “Enough is enough. The leader of the council must step down. This is a failed authority. We should have fresh elections so that we can sweep them out. They cannot manage money. They cannot manage services. The OFSTED report is absolutely damning. We need urgent action to protect our children, to support our families, to look after our front line staff”.

Cllr. Jane Birch (Labour, Kingsthorpe South, shadow portfolio for children’s services), says, “I am shocked and deeply hurt, but not surprised, by the judgement in this report. Our children deserve the very best we can give. Yet they have been made extremely vulnerable through years and years of mismanagement by an administration with the wrong priorities. A children’s trust, more outsourcing, is not the answer. We need to create locality working. We need community hubs staffed by well- paid permanent staff, working in partnership with the voluntary sector in each neighbourhood. I want all our children brought back into the county, where it is safe to do so. I want to see an end to supported housing for 16 -18 year olds. We should be developing a more protective supported lodgings service and we need to attract more in- house foster parents. Above all, we need to invest immediately in preventative services and early help services.”

For further information please phone

Cllr. Danielle Stone 07500930930 or

Cllr. Jane Birch 07710967882

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