Don't get caught Short in St James

The state of St James public toilets is again up for discussion. There are several public toilets in the town which have been open to the general public for many years. However the public toilets in St James are under threat of closure by the Council due to anti-social behaviour and vandalism. At the moment toilets remain closed.

St James is popular with visitors and the public toilets have been a permanent fixture here for years. The toilets are used by taxi drivers, Saints supporters, and local people including visitors. Recently the facilities have been taken over by rough sleepers and drug users. Syringes have been found there. Residents of St James have had enough and are unhappy that the toilets are closed and want something to be done about anti-social behavior in the area.

Cllr Rufia Ashraf says,

“In July 2016, I approached Council Officers about improving the state of theses toilets. However, the Council failed to do anything about it then.

At a recent Council meeting the future of these toilets were discussed but no final decision was been made. In my opinion public toilets should remain open, they serve a purpose and are needed in our community.

The Council has several options; they can start by refurbishing the toilets and making it disabled friendly. With the Police office situated on the opposite side of the road, the Council and local Police can work together to patrol and monitor its usage. However, more importantly we need to tackle these local issues and send out a strong message, that we are not going to give in to individuals who have no respect for people or property.”

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