How safe is Northampton

Following the recent shooting in Thorplands this week (The second shooting in 2 years in this area), and the recent well publicised increase in knife and violent crime we are forced to question just how safe are we in Northampton?

Thankfully the shooting was not fatal, but this will not decrease the fear that residents must be feeling in the surrounding area.

The current Crime Commissioner had in his election manifesto “Increase safety for our children”. Given the current outbreak of violence within our communities that has failed.

With the years of Austerity hitting home now we can see the results of decreased children’s services that our leaving children vulnerable to gang and county line violence.

Cllr. Danielle Stone, Leader labour Group says, “The safety of our children and our communities must be our priority. We need to deal with the causes of crime and the cause of violence.”

Cllr. Gareth Eales, PPC for Northampton South, says, “Cuts to the Police Force in Northamptonshire has had terrible consequences. We need more police and more visible policing. Crime prevention is key to everyone’s sense of well- being.”

Sally Keeble, PPC for Northampton North says, “The catastrophic failure of our town's public services under the Tories has put people at risk. Cuts in street lighting and youth services erode community safety. There's a correlation between the cuts in numbers of police and an increase in violent crime.

Labour's committed to increase police numbers and rebuild community safety. And I'll be out in Thorplands over the weekend to listen to the view of people in the community."

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