Labour Motions to Council

Motions for December 10th full Council

Motion 1

BAME (Black and minority ethnic) women are disadvantaged, economically, socially and politically.

They are also subject to increasing levels of domestic slavery and domestic abuse.

There is a growing issue with women and their children without recourse to public funds.

We know there is an issue with FGM.

We therefore call on Northampton borough council to establish a working group with and for BAME women to examine the issues, and with partners, to suggest solutions.

Proposed: Cllr. Rufia Ashraf

Seconded: Cllr. Danielle Stone

Motion 2

Period Poverty has long been recognised as an issue for women with those who can least afford it, suffering the most. There are several national campaigns that aim to support women and make a stand against period poverty such as “Bleeding Insane Campaign” and “Red Box”.

We think that is a disgrace that in 2018 anyone should have to choose between buying food and buying Tampons, or that women and girls are missing work or school because they cannot afford sanitary products. The average cost to a women is £4,800 during their life for sanitary products.

We call on the council to become ambassadors and set a great example for other businesses to follow by Labour Councillors campaigning against period poverty

1. Provide free sanitary products in all council work place bathrooms.

2. Establish a red box donation point and join the Red Box Project.

3. Work with our local to communities to raise awareness of this issue

Proposed: Cllr. Zoe Smith

Seconded: Cllr. Terrie Eales

Motion 3

Northampton Domestic Abuse Service (formerly women’s aid) do valuable work to support victims of domestic abuse. They currently run 6 refugees with 26 beds, which will not be funded from April 2019. Partner organisation Eve is at risk of losing 13 beds. NDAS have launched a fundraising campaign to raise £100k by March to keep the refuges open for 12 months. Losing these refuges will mean that the responsibility of helping these victims out of abusive homes will fall onto NBC.

We therefore call upon this council to not only recognise NDAS for the service they have been providing to domestic abuse victims but to give some much needed financial assistance.

Proposer Cllr. Terrie Eales

Seconder Cllr. Danielle Stone

Labour Councillors campaigning against period poverty

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