Making It

Our Motion calling on the council to proritise local businesses and local traders when procuring/contracting was supported by the leasder of the council and passed unanimously.

As a country we are proud of our manufacturing, proud of our heritage and ambitious for the future of manufacturing in the UK. For industry to thrive we need policies that promote UK manufacturing and provide the skills the industry needs. We need to do our bit in Northampton with the view of taking this ambition into the new Unitary authority- however that may be configured. That’s what this motion is about.

Brexit makes this need even more urgent. New challenges are being thrown up as uncertainty chokes off investment and is making industry and employers ever more cautious

We need to be clear that Northampton is open for business and that we will, as far as the laws on procurement allow, put our spending power in the service of our residents and of our local businesses

It is not just workers and unions campaigning for this to be a reality. There is a national campaign by industry called Made In Britain that we need to get behind. ​

We want to let people know Northampton is open for business and supports business.

· We want to create an environment that encourages manufacturing employers to invest in Northampton

· Buy for Britain – we need a procurement strategy that supports UK industries and supported employment

· Negotiate trade deals that deliver for workers and industry, avoiding damaging tariffs on British goods

· Build strong UK-based supply chains to support local communities

· Support equality and inclusion by tackling barriers to work wherever they exist

· Invest in skills, research and development, and the technologies of tomorrow

· Pursue a balanced energy policy that provides sustainability and security for the UK and our nations industries

We all think of Northampton as being a boot and shoe town but in its recent past it has also been a major manufacturing and engineering town.The town had National and international companies such as British Timken, Express lifts, Plessey,Northampton machinery Company, Mettoy, RHP Bearings, Blackwood Hodge…the list goes on. These were major employers and trainers providing high skilled jobs and training, investing in people and our youth. As large employers they employed many thousands in Northampton.Sadly they have all gone and are replaced by the low and semi-skilled infrastructure of warehousing

All has not been lost though as we do still have high tech engineering in the town with such companies as the Alcon Group, Scot Bennett Engineering, Tatnell Engineering Services, Engineering Technologies Manufacturing Ltd and probably the best know Cosworth in St James with AMD Powertrain in Brixworth.The “Making it” and “Made in Britain” campaigns both highlight the importance of manufacturing and the importance they have on local communities.

Local Authorities can help reduce our carbon footprint and can invest in the local enconomy by using their consume power wisely and locally.

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