Nationwide to shut in Kingsley press release from Cllr Cathrine Russell

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Nationwide to Close at Kingsley

Nationwide Building is opening its new flagship branch in Abington Street on Monday 21st October. This will be a bigger and better branch with improved services, providing digital convenience with a human touch. The new branch will mean that members will be able to speak to someone face-to-face about their finances. It will also include the latest Nationwide Now technology which links them to whole teams of Nationwide consultants and personal banking managers via HD video, as well as having a community space for members just to chat, read a newspaper and have a coffee.

However, this come at the cost of Branch closures. On Friday October 18th the branch at Kingsley Park Terrace will close.

Cllr Cathrine Russell (Kingsley) says “It is great to see Nationwide investing in an improved Branch in the town, but the importance of local facilities and branches cannot be underestimated. This will be a big blow for the local facilities in Kingsley, as it is the last remaining bank. Those who cannot travel into town or for whom it may be an arduous journey are going to be badly hit. Unfortunately, these are the very people who may struggle to use the new technology that banks are promoting.

Whilst they talk of a coffee area with social space at the new bank these are the very facilities that would be so important to people in Kingsley, some will be on first name terms and looked after so well by the fabulous staff in this well-loved branch.”

The petition to keep it open is up and running

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