Northampton needs more cycle lanes!

There are very few cycle lanes in the town. And most of the ones we have are not safe. We are not doing enough to support the cycling community to get around the town safely. Cyclists are at risk of getting knocked over because drivers resent them being on our roads. Cyclists and pedestrians should not be in competition for the pavements. So, what is the answer… we need more cycle lanes!

Air pollution is another reason why we need to be choosing to get on our bikes. However, that is an issue if cyclists don’t feel safe on our roads due to the lack of cycle lanes. This council needs to be eco-friendlier and support cyclists.

Cllr R Ashraf (Labour, St James), says:

“Whether people choose to cycle to work or for pleasure, everyone should feel safe on our roads. When I have time, I ride my bike in the park, which is where I feel most safe. I am passionate about cycling and encourage everyone to get on their bike. I would also like to see legislation passed that all cyclists must wear helmets for their own safety. Did you know according to ROSPA in 2016 102 people were killed, 2297 seriously injured, 14978 slightly injured that’s a total of 18,477.

We need to re-educate people and raise awareness that drivers and cyclists can share the road. This Borough needs to work with the county to improve the lives of cyclists by creating more, and safer cycle lanes in the town. This will encourage more people to cycle to work and to cycle for pleasure. It will help reduce air pollution and create a safer, cleaners, greener environment for all of us.”

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