Put Local People First

Press Release Dec 9th 2018

Put Local People First.

The relationship between the new University of Northampton campus and local residents got off to a troubled start, with residents feeling the pressure, on their parking spaces, and anti social behaviour, from a vocal few students. These issues are being addressed but a whole new issue has emerged. Due to the diligence of a security officer at the University, we now know that CCTV cameras could see into the private homes of residents in New South Bridge Road and Malthouse Close.

Newly elected Councillor Emma Roberts, (Labour, Delapre and Briar Hill), says, “We are all trying our best to develop a good relationship between residents and the university. Local people have had to

put up with a lot of disruption with the building works, a lot of pressure from students parking in their streets, and now this! I am calling for Full communication. Full disclosure. Full discussion now!”

Cllr. Gareth Eales, (Prospective Labour Candidate Northampton South), says, “We need to get better at the interface between the University and local people. We need the University to be successful, to create jobs, to provide the research we need, to help us regenerate our town. I am going to ask the University to please put local people first. Please consider the impact on them of the decisions you make. Let’s resolve this latest issue and move forward together. There needs to be mutual benefit.

Lets work on that.”

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