Rubbish and more rubbish

I am often asked what the Labour councillors are doing about all the flytipping, litter and general rubbish in our town. Well, obviously we report everything we see in our wards. But we do much more than that. Lots of councillors have set up or support local litter picking groups. We develop local projects to support our areas by doing guerrilla gardening and supporting our residents who set up their own local street enhancement projects. Above are two examples- Cllr. Smith has put in enhancements for the Bouverie estate. Local people have used old recycling bins as planters for their street. The Ivy Road triangle, above, meet weekly to litter pick and have involved local shops, the mosques as well as local house holders.

In the council we have been campaigning for more permanant solutions:-

A scheme that Landlords pay into so they can notify the council when they are clearing their properties.

A free Bulky Waste collection service.

A reduction in the number of Houses in Multiple Occupation.

More enforcement.

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