Sandie Maitland speech to Council

I feel I am here to waste my breath again! Why do I say that? Well, because when I spoke to this Council last time about the proposed carve up of the County, two members on this side of the room held a whispered conversation while I spoke, several others suddenly found their phones to be of over-riding interest and one at the back thought I couldn’t see his eyes glaze over.

And when it came to the vote: NOTHING CHANGED. You had already made a decision without listening to your electors. And you are about to do the same again. Initially and very fleetingly, you were against dividing this Historic town from its County, but after “persuasion” by your Political Party Masters in Westminster, you changed your collective mind.

After all, you knew very well that if you carved up the County as proposed by your Tory Government, it would make it almost impossible for altruistic candidates to ever gain power again.

Then came the consultation: rigged to the last word to ensure you got the results you wanted. I have never seen such a leading Questionnaire put out in the guise of democracy.

And NOW!

Now you propose to stay in power even longer to ensure that all the rules and regulations, foundation beliefs and practices will FOREVER maintain the Conservative Party in power in Northamptonshire.


My grandmother and her generation fought for universal suffrage, long before many of you were born. To get the vote for women alone, cost the health and lives of ordinary folk. Yet you sit there, throwing those sacrifices in the bin of despotism ensuring that democracy will not rule ok?


You Tories on this Council have already taken away the vote we should have had in May of this year. Had we voted then, we would have elected the kind of Councillors that we needed to lead us into this enforced reorganisation.

Instead, we are expected to trust a group of people who have thrown money at a Football Club without building in adequate checks and balances,

The same group of people, one of whose number is charged with electoral fraud,

From the same group of people, some of whose number rule in another place across the road and have been found responsible for mismanaging County finances.

And you want us to trust you?

while you bulldoze your views and your values into the new Authority.

I would love to believe that you will consider the interests of the people of Northampton and put them over and above the interests of your Tory Party power. But, based on your untrustworthy behaviour in this whole process, I rather think I’m more likely to see a unicorn in the room.

I will go along with your decision to take away my vote

IF and only IF

you form an All-Party Group to work on the transition, free from Party Whips and free of partisan values. Show us that you really do put people above Party and will consult, listen to and act on suggestions that come from outside your Tory bubble.

But you won’t will you………

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