Speaking Up for Women

At the full council on Monday 10th December Labour took three motions that reflect the needs of women in the town at present.

It was really great to have Black women coming to speak to the council on the motion asking for more work to be done with and for BAME women in their fight against sexual violence, domestic slavery, forced marriage, fgm.

The motion came out of a BAME women workshop where they agreed what they wanted from the council.

The predominately white male administration voted against the motion.

The second motion was asking the council to support the campaign to end period poverty in the town. Again, there was an excellent speaker from the Red Box campaign.

The predominately white male administration voted against the motion.

The third motion was asking for support to stop refuges being closed. Three very eloquent speakers from Eve and from Northamptonshire Domestic Abuse Service spoke about the services they provide and the consequences of not having refuge for victims and survivors.

this motion was voted FOR by everyone in the Chamber. Danielle Stone, Leader of the labour Group says, "After voting down two motions asking for support for women, I think the administration was too embarassed to vote down a third motion. I am really pleased the women who came and spoke were listened to and heard. There are times when cross party support is the right thing. This is one of them. Labour will track the implementation of the motion and maintain our pressure for a longer term solution to the annual threat to services run by the Domestic Abuse Services".

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