Town wide Fly tipping Solution

When an area becomes a hot spot for fly tipping, we need to find a way to catch the perpetrators and prosecute them. The Council receives

daily enquiries from frustrated residents who are tired of reporting and nothing gets done. Without addressing the issue, the council are

dismissing the problem which then escalates. However, there is one solution. If the council where to install CCTV cameras the fly tipping may be deterred.

Cllr Rufia Ashraf (Labour St James) says

“In St James there are many hot spot areas, however I believe if we installed CCTV, the fly tipping may stop, but we won’t know until the CCTV is up.

I have raised my concerns with the Environment Portfolio holder many times however; I have not seen any action taken. Residents are right to be

frustrated and angry as they see fly tipping daily. With the powers Council have they could install CCTV across the town where there is major fly tipping.

Everyone knows I am passionate about the environment however, moving forward Id like to see a campaign to educate people about the way they can

dispose of household goods instead of dumping them on the streets which has a huge impact on our environment”

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