Unitary Statement

Following on from the Secretary for State’s announcement on the Western Northamptonshire unitary council that will replace Northampton Borough council. The Labour group are glad that the decision has finally been made. However we believe it is the wrong decision. Northampton needs to be a Unitary on its own.

Cllr Danielle Stone (Castle) says “I am glad that the decision has at last been made, even though we all expected it months ago. The decision talks about reviewing all the evidence from the public consultation. Well I would like to know what that evidence was, as it has yet to be published.

The year delay in vesting the new authority (now 2021) ,will hopefully, allow the new authority to be better prepared. The downside is its going to allow the current inept Tory authority to continue their slash and burn policies in reducing services whilst paying ever increasing amounts in the consultant gravy train.

We will use the extra time to fight for the ever diminishing services to be maintained for the people of Northampton but it’s an uphill battle. In the extra year the borough, the county and the shadow authority will all be running at the same time, with only the shadow authority have an elected mandate but no actual authority!

Is the cost and confusion worth the estimated £44 million?

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