We need more school places in Northampton

Our population is growing, which is great, as we have an aging demographic.

More babies, more infants, more secondary school age children. We need more school places. This is an issue because local authorities no longer have the right to build new schools. We are reliant on an Academy Trust to pop up and offer to develop a new school. But academies are a failed model. Schools in trusts have top heavy and over paid management taking money away from the front line. Some trusts have proved to be corrupt. (Panorama BBC Monday 25th). Many trusts are in financial difficulties with head teachers saying they are going to have to cut teaching hours. Class sizes are going up. In some schools parents are having to pay for essentials.

Our county's answer is to ask existing schools to extend their buildings and take in more children. This puts pressure on an already stressed situation. We need schools to be returned to LA control. We need to have the right and the funding to build our own schools restored.

Labour Councillors standing up for the children of Northampton

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